"NA’s contacts in government, education, medicine, the clergy, community organizations, the public media, and other twelve-step fellowships can carry the message that NA exists; sometimes to places we couldn’t possibly go ourselves. Making such contacts and making them aware of what Narcotics Anonymous is, what we can do, and where our groups meet are very important factors in NA’s growth."  (pg. 53 of "A Guide to Local Services in Narcotics Anonymous")

Useful files for Public Relations service work:

RVANA Public Relations Subcommittee Policy

Public Relations Handbook

Public Relations Basics Handbook

To update meeting information please download the update group form and submit it at the next ASC meeting, by email or to the Public Relations Chair

Social Media Information Pamphlet

The Public Relations Subcommittee meets on the fourth Sunday of the month at Trinity Lutheran Church at 2:00 P.M.  All interested members are welcome to attend.